Understanding Account History and Payment Details

In order to understand, properly parse, and join transaction and payment details a solid understand of key terms is essential:

Account history - is a reflection of transactions posted (memo or hard) to a bank account on Silvergate’s core system ledger. Note these transactions are final. They are never edited, rather reversal entries made if necessary. Account history is a global view of all transactions.

Payment history - shows deep details of certain payments which are processed via the Silvergate payments hub. Primary examples are domestic wires, international payments, and FX payments. Payment history may be joined with account history via a transaction’s “payment_id”.

Unique_id – is returned in the account history only and is especially useful to help recognize new transactions when polling intraday.

Payment_id – this is an identifier generated by the Silvergate back office payment hub system.

Transaction codes – all account history records have an associated transaction_code which classifies a transaction by type and often by channel as well. Transaction_code labels can be useful when looking to recognize and parse specific types of activity. See details in Specifications section below.

How Unique ID Is Tied with Transaction Type

The majority of account history transactions reflect back a unique_id immediately, including SEN transfers and all types of wire payments. There is also a group of transaction types for which the unique_id only becomes available after that transaction runs through an initial banking day close process (which occurs only on banking days at roughly 8:00 PM PST). As a result, we hold back in creating and displaying those unique_id values until they are ready. This is why you may return no value, i.e. “unique_id”: “ ”.

transaction_code specification

transaction_codeTransaction Descriptionunique_id Type
25Transfer CreditImmediate
44Wire, LegacyImmediate
71Insufficient Funds ChargeImmediate
82Transfer DebitImmediate
94Wire, LegacyImmediate
4005SEN Credit via API v2Immediate
4007SEN Credit via API v3Immediate
4024Internal FX Transfer Credit PortalImmediate
4028Portal SEN CreditImmediate
4029Portal Int CreditImmediate
4031API v3 Internal Transfer CreditImmediate
4034Internal FX Transfer Credit APIImmediate
4051Wire Credit, LegacyImmediate
4052Wire CreditImmediate
4054Foreign Wire CreditImmediate
4090Book Transfer CreditImmediate
4091FX CreditImmediate
4099Wire Return CreditImmediate
4225Euro Internal Transfer Credit, APIImmediate
4226Euro Internal Transfer Credit, PortalImmediate
4227Euro SEN Transfer Credit, APIImmediate
4228Euro SEN Transfer Credit, PortalImmediate
4254EUR Wire CreditImmediate
4290Euro Book Transfer Credit, LegacyImmediate
4299EUR Wire Return CreditImmediate
9024Internal FX Transfer Debit PortalImmediate
9028Portal SEN DebitImmediate
9029Portal Int DebitImmediate
9031API v3 Internal Transfer DebitImmediate
9034Internal FX Transfer Debit APIImmediate
9056Wire DebitImmediate
9058Foreign Wire DebitImmediate
9062Online Wire DebitImmediate
9064Online Foreign Wire DebitImmediate
9071Foreign Outgoing Wire FeeImmediate
9073Domestic Outgoing Wire FeeImmediate
9082API v2 Internal Transfer DebitImmediate
9084SEN Debit via API v2Immediate
9086SEN Debit via API v3Immediate
9090Book Transfer DebitImmediate
9091Online Book Transfer DebitImmediate
9092API Wire DebitImmediate
9093API Foreign Wire DebitImmediate
9094API Book Transfer DebitImmediate
9095FX Wire DebitImmediate
9096FX Conversion FX DebitImmediate
9097Wire Return Debit – Manual InternationalImmediate
9098Wire Return Debit – Manual DomesticImmediate
9099Wire Return DebitImmediate
9162Correspondent Domestic Wire DebitImmediate
9164Correspondent Foreign Wire DebitImmediate
9226Euro Int Transfer Debit, PortalImmediate
9227Euro SEN Transfer Debit, APIImmediate
9228Euro SEN Transfer Debit, PortalImmediate
9258Euro Wire DebitImmediate
9282Euro Int Transfer Debit, APIImmediate
9290Euro Book Transfer DebitImmediate
9293Euro Wire Debit, APIImmediate
9299Euro Wire DebitImmediate
23ATM Credit (authorization - temporary)Ignore
53ATM Debit (authorization - temporary)Ignore
64POS Debit (authorization - temporary)Ignore
10Debit Reversal (Non-Printing)Delay
15Interest Paid at ClosingDelay
16Closing DebitDelay
21ACH CreditDelay
22ATS CreditDelay
28Telephone Transfer DepositDelay
30Credit MemoDelay
39Interest EarnedDelay
41Debit Reversal (Printing)Delay
46Mail / Lockbox DepositDelay
51Credit Reversal (Printing)Delay
54Branch WithdrawalDelay
60Debit MemoDelay
61Returned/Reprocessed Item Handling FeeDelay
68Debit AccrualsDelay
75Service ChargeDelay
76Cashiers CheckDelay
83Bank FloatDelay
84Telephone Transfer WithdrawalDelay
86ATS DebitDelay
89ACH DebitDelay
92Loan PaymentDelay
103Refund Outgoing Wire FeeDelay
111Refund Returned/Reprocessed Item FeeDelay
154Refund of Analysis FeeDelay
1075Service Charge CreditDelay
2025eBanking external transfer creditDelay
2100ACH Return CreditDelay
2190ACH Offset for Originated DebitsDelay
2191Federal Benefit PaymentDelay
2202Surcharge Rebates CreditDelay
2274POS Purchase Return - PINDelay
2275POS Purchase Return - PINDelay
2504Sweep Primary CreditDelay
2505Sweep Secondary CreditDelay
2510ZBA Primary CreditDelay
4013Analysis Service Charge RefundDelay
4020Remote DepositDelay
4030Mobile DepositDelay
5101Stop Payment FeeDelay
5302ACH Origination FeeDelay
5310ACH Same Day Origination FeeDelay
7100ACH Return DebitDelay
7189Bill Pay DebitDelay
7190ACH Offset for Originated CreditsDelay
7214ATM WithdrawalDelay
7215ATM WithdrawalDelay
7255POS Purchase With PINDelay
7264POS Purchase Non-PINDelay
7265POS Purchase Non-PINDelay
7291Person-to-Person TransferDelay
7504Sweep Primary DebitDelay
7505Sweep Secondary DebitDelay