Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Rejected Outbound Payments
  3. Returned Inbound Payments
  4. Further Questions

Introduction to rejection_reason

The field rejection_reason may be familiar to existing Partner API users. In the response body for GET payment and for items in GET payments lists, this field has been available in our v3 API, populating reasons for outbound payments being rejected by Silvergate.

Now, wires and SWIFT payments that could have the rejection_reason field enriched will include both those outbound payments that are canceled by Silvergate and also inbound payments that are returns from your counterparty.

Possible Rejection Reasons for Outbound Payments

If you initiate and approve an outbound payment, but Silvergate has to cancel the payment (either manually or via an automatic workflow), the payment will be shown with "payment_status": "Canceled", and the rejection_reason field will be populated with one of the following options:

  • Insufficient Funds
  • Invalid ABA
  • Blocked Country
  • Internal Policy
  • Invalid SWIFT Code
  • Inactive SWIFT Code
  • US Intermediary Required
  • Verbal Callback Required
  • Return of Returned Wire
  • Per Your Request
  • Insufficient Receipt Address
  • ABA for ACH only
  • Invalid format
  • Complete (To be updated manually in BeB)
    • Records with this rejection reason should be ignored, as they do not represent actual payment messages, but merely payment instructions for the Silvergate wire desk to initiate a payment on your behalf.
  • Invalid credit account
  • API - not approved/verified
    • Records with this rejection reason did not receive a successful update to approved status. As a reminder, all wires initated via POST payment must be approved using PATCH payment with action "approve".

Possible Rejection Reasons for Inbound Payments

If your counterparty has received a payment from you but the payment is sent back to your Silvergate account as a return, Silvergate may be able to populate the rejection_reason field to inform you of any comunicated reason for the return. If so, that field will be populated with one of the following options.

Also, as a reminder, please be sure to read the data in the originator_to_beneficiary field of returns payments, as this will include any other details provided by your counterparty or counterparty's bank will be communicated.

  • Internal / Compliance Policy
  • Invalid Credit Acct
  • Names Disagree or Name and Acct Do Not Match
  • Travel Rule/PO Box addr not accepted
  • Unknown Bene
  • Acct Ineligible to receive wires
  • Per Remitter's request
  • Per your request
  • Other

Further Questions about Rejected or Returns Payments

If the populated reason does not provide enough information, please reach out to client services or your private client manager to discuss any further options.